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Love Ducks?<br />
Top Ten Reasons NOT to Feed them<br />
1. Feeding ducks teaches them to rely on people for food instead of finding natural food in the wild.<br />
2. Bread, cereal, and other people food can cause ducks and other birds to become deformed.  Many will never be able to fly because they have eaten so much bread.<br />
3. Feeding ducks can cause them to stay in one place year round instead of naturally migrating to other places at different times of the year.<br />
4. Feeding ducks food that they would not naturally eat in the wild will eventually kill them.  Many die from malnutrition, heart disease, and liver failure.<br />
5. Over-fed, malnutritioned ducks have a harder time escaping predators.<br />
6. Feeding ducks attracts rats, pests, and predators that kill ducks and endanger humans.<br />
7. Most waterfowl die-offs in the past 10 years have been attributed to artificial feeding.<br />
8. Ducks that are overfed create dangerous amounts of waste that harm fish and other animals living in ponds.<br />
9. Rotting food pollutes the water and breeds deadly diseases and parasites.<br />
10. Food waste bobbing on the water's edge is simply ugly.<br />
Bottom Line: If you love ducks, DON'T FEED THEM. <br />
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Hayward Area Recreation and Park District